Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Who is Ocean Reeve

My dealings with Mr Ocean Andrew Reeve

Mr Ocean Reeve is a proven cunning underhanded manipulator who sees his own objectives in sight with no consideration for others.  Cruel and vicious.  Many authors were told to pull out of Love of Books and go with Mr Ocean Andrew Reeve at his new business.  Many people were tricked and conned into believing Mr Ocean Andrew Reeves nasty accusations of us and our business.  It was hard enough that he took so much with him to his new place of work but to deliberately keep tugging and pulling from many directions to deplete us right into the ground was an act of someone with no morals, remorse, empathy or sense of humanity.  A BULLY TO SAY THE VERY LEAST.

And to this very day, harassment in an attempt to ride us out of business still persists.   Continual harassment in order to keep us busy with other matters rather than work in our business with our commitments is ongoing to the point of where none would believe would be undertaken to such cruel extent by any human being.  It is a cruel world where money, anger and greed takes priority for some.  Reeve is one angry, greedy and cold human being as I have witnessed this first hand. And so have others before us.

And I believe that even after my passing Mr Ocean Andrew Reeve will still persist to harass my wife and family. Why do believe this?  Why?  My wife sacked him for numerous reasons.  The power of rejection is a sore point with this man.  The power of money to him and his new boss over-rides human kindness, fairness or any kind of humanity.. Don' t get me wrong, he was in fact a very good worker and obviously a very good sales person. 

I want you to know how I feel and what you did to me and my family. 

John McGregor Love of Books and Ocean Andrew Reeve.