Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Ocean Reeve and John McGregor

Ocean reeve worked a t Love of Books, my business for nearly 2 years.

My dealings with Mr Ocean Andrew Reeve

In 2008 my wife and I set out to build a business model like no other.  I (John McGregor) worked very hard behind the scenes in our Love of Books business in the publishing field since the very start of Love of Books.  I supported my wife in every way I could with our mission.

Much of our success in the publishing industry was due to not only the hard work but the love, care and support we have given to over 1200 self published authors Australia-wide by the year 2013..

In December 2012: Someone (Mr Ocean Andrew Reeve) begged us for a job.  He talked about how he could help us to build the business up and convinced us he would be an asset to our business. My wife's Julie Mc Gregors personality is one who naturally wears her heart on her sleeve.

We spent an amount of money building up the size of the business to accommodate one ( Ocean Reeve) in need of work in Australia.  He talked us into giving him a job. We believed and we trusted too much.  We contracted Ocean Reeve to work with us and we paid him very well.  Myself John Mc Gregor gave bonuses, loaned him cars, had him and his family in our home, dinners, outings etc. etc.  We extended happily and very well to him and his family.

Unfortunately for us, our kind hearts were our downfall.  WE blindly neglected to complete any reference checks.  Not that Ocean Reeve would have given us any anyway! We neglected to visit good old Google to check out this person Ocean Reeves path.  If we did, these items alone we would have been wiser and could have saved ourselves from a long time of suffering, as there is no existence of this person previous.  Why?  We found out the hard way.  What we discovered in this persons history was a real eye opener.

We loved, cared and gave from our hearts only to have our livli-hood, our hard work of many years diminished.

November 2014 to March 2015: They say that all is fair in love and war.  But, this is not true for business and associates.  During November 2013 to March 2014 our family was suffering from all kinds of terrible illnesses and deaths.  With me on my death bed, my wife's mother passing and her father in long term hospital as well as other issues.  We were not around the business as much as we usually were.  We left our business, our livli-hood in the hands of someone else.  Sales started to not be enough to cover costs and suspicions were confirmed.  Our business was slowly ripped from us by ones we trusted at this very emotional time in our lives.

I myself noticed Mr Ocean Reeve spending more time with a printer we were then working with named Robert Karlsson.  This printer had been attempting to gain our publishing business as an addition to his printing business for some 5 years since we first associated with him.   His business was purely a print business and only became a publishing business within days after we sacked-fired-terminated the contract associated with Mr Ocean Reeve.  The evidence here speaks for itself in regards to the birth of in-house publishing only 3 day after we sacked Ocean Reeve.

I will never forget the day Mr Ocean Reeve begged us that he would not ever betray us and give our hard earned business to Mr Karlsson.  He begged us to trust him.  He had fooled us.  Robbed us blind now.  He is for sure one heck of a good salesman and nothing more.

Mr Ocean Reeve is a proven cunning underhanded manipulator who sees his own objectives in sight with no consideration for others.  Cruel and vicious.  Many authors were told to pull out of Love of Books and go with Mr Ocean Andrew Reeve at his new business.  Many people were tricked and conned into believing Mr Ocean Andrew Reeves nasty accusations of us and our business.  It was hard enough that he took so much with him to his new place of work but to deliberately keep tugging and pulling from many directions to deplete us right into the ground was an act of someone with no morals, remorse, empathy or sense of humanity.  A BULLY TO SAY THE VERY LEAST.

One thing that really sticks in my mind is how he joined his authors that followed him together that he took into his new business. He manipulated, barraged and increased their height of negativeness with them to harass us for files, refunds, returns and other things in a cold and manipulated series of steps so unkind and pre-mediated.

Ocean Reeve sent one author to the door of the business to threaten us. This man told us that Mr Ocean Reeve told him he was never going to get his books.  He said that Mr Reeve told him to come to go our business and stay on the doorstep until he gets his books.  He told my wife that Reeve told him he wasn' t going to get his books ever and that our business was soon to be shut down.  Others then followed a similar pattern.  They came with increased and heightened negativity in them.  They were driven by the clever underhanded manipulation of Ocean Reeve..  What a horrible thing to do to us or anyone in our condition, while on my death bed.  What type of person does this?

And to this very day, harassment in an attempt to ride us out of business still persists.   Continual harassment in order to keep us busy with other matters rather than work in our business with our commitments is ongoing to the point of where none would believe would be undertaken to such cruel extent by any human being.  It is a cruel world where money, anger and greed takes priority for some.  Reeve is one angry, greedy and cold human being as I have witnessed this first hand. And so have others before us.

Mr Ocean Andrew Reeve assaulted a poor young and small lady who begged him not to, saying she was pregnant.  He also lay unkind and angry words on authors of which we had to comfort. I was there round the corner when it happened and there is a police report on this. The poor lady wanted to hide from Ocean reeve and chose not to press charges.  Such a lucky buggar he is.

And I believe that even after my passing Mr Ocean Andrew Reeve will still persist to harass my wife and family. Why do believe this?  Why?  My wife sacked him for numerous reasons.  The power of rejection is a sore point with this man.  The power of money to him and his new boss over-rides human kindness, fairness or any kind of humanity.. Don' t gt me wrong, he was in fact a very good worker and obviously a very good sales person. 

The answer for us was to work hard to pay debts an pay any persons disadvantaged by the take over, keep afloat and seek legal advice.  The cost involved here for legal representation to gain back what was ours is a big goal with a big cost.

It's now 2015: It has been a long ride back up with our publishing business, but we are certainly making it happen, thanks to the loyalty and support of many who stayed with us for ethical or other reasons.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

I have produced this post so that Mr Ocean Reeve can see what he did to myself and my family in return for our trust.  I  am very deeply saddened by the pain, heartache and suffering I endured in my final days.  You Ocean Reeve took my wife away from me.  You caused her to work day and night with damage control presented, formulated and deliver by you yourself or vented through others.  The stress you lay upon us added to the suffering I was already under.  Every week hearing your name and what you had done again to harm us in an attempt to remove us from our business in every way possible in the name of greed or your anger for us firing you or both.

Love of Books is a family owned and operated business and now has moved to a new ABN to the ownership of the family immediate and extended.  I hope you all continue to support Love of Books and the unique services it has provided for many years to date.

Characteristics of a bully

I want you to know how I feel and what you did to me and my family. 

John McGregor Love of Books and Ocean Andrew Reeve.