Monday, February 15, 2016

Love of Books

Love of Books and Dean Alan Munro -A rebel bully.

Over 1600 published authors world-wide can not be wrong.

And yes, over 1600 satisfied authors Australia -wide were published before Julie McGregor was robbed of her livli-hood.
Yes, Julie McGregor would have made it back to the top of the charts without all the bullshit. 

Dean Alan Munro bullied Julie McGregor, the then present owner of Love of Books for 4 years to date after her business was robbed from her by a sacked employee and a greedy company owner.

Dean Munro put a false claim to QCAT FOR A REFUND of books and a website that he had already had delivered to him. 

Dean Munro claimed the books delivered by Love of Books were faulty and not fit for sale. Yet, he announced on his Facebook Fan Page that he already sold 250 of them and was awaiting the final delivery. LOL...LOL... His books were printed by a well known commercial printer who prints millions of books annually for the Australian Government all with a replacement on manufacturing fault guarantee. The facts reveal there was no manufacturing issues with his delivered books.


And to top it off he actually sold them from the website Love of Books originally created for him. LOL... LOL...

Is this guy for real?

Dean Munro did all this while her family was dying and while her business was ripped from underneath her.

Why did he doe this?  

Dean Munro's constant defamation towards Julie and her business lasting 4 years to the date of this blog left more authors stranded. Clients pulling out after communication with Dean Munro. Julie constantly back peddling finances to pay backwards on refunds. Leading her to eventually give in the towel in October 2016. She did fight long and hard to stay in business and not let the bullies- A GREEDY COMPANY OWNER, SACKED EMPLOYEE AND DEAN MUNRO run her out of business, but unfortunately all the harassment took its toll on her health.

And yes, she would have made it without the harassment for sure. 

Dean Munro claims students can be rich - on his Breaking the Chains book.

How do they get rich Dean?

By underhanded attempting to rob a woman that was already pushed down? 

Dean Munro claims in his newly written book he was brought up by 5 stepfathers. All of them had some issues with either drug, gambling, mafia and alcoholic tendencies... As well as BULLYING.

One of the many emails sent to Julie by Dean Munro states:
Pay up or suffer the consequences. If you refuse to pay me money I will slander you to the news and whoever I can and send you bankrupt.  (and so he kept his word)

In actual fact and the eyes of God Julie McGregor did not owe him a red cent. 

IS Dean Munro Breaking The Chains or following the path of his fathers before him? Bullying weak emotional women, just like his fathers before him, blackmailing for money he was not entitled to. No matter what the QCAT decision was QCAT IS A JOKE... Check out their reviews. 10 out of 12 people agree it is a rotten very unfair system.

Imagine been harassed by not one, but three men while your family is on its death bed... After having your business you worked hard on for 8 years many hours a day with  - taken from underneath you! The many thousands of dollars spent on marketing- A client list in place, clients robbed from you. The many thousands of $$$$$ spent in marketing. The many hours spent with your business in many ways.

He mother was dying - her father was in hospital, she just got told her husband was dying. And at the same time she found out her employee was diverting her business and clients as well as client lists and other materials into another company. The bullying and harassment would commence and last 4 years to date.

Imagine the torment this woman endured.

It was originally sought that the bullying and harassment was organised in order for her to not be able to afford the litigation suite filing that she filed against the sacked employee and the greedy Company owner. 

See this letter from author below: Names edited pending court appearances.

This perhaps is how gullible and dis-satisfied with his upbringing Dean Munro as influenced.

My name as you can see below, is ................. and I am the author of ................... I am also the first person to part-company with Love of Books, when ......... was fired to establish ..... Publishing, a division of ....... Printing. Back then; I asked Julie for all my electronic files, which she provided; as a result, I have absolutely no issue with Julie McGregor.

I have however, kept up to date with various issues she was experiencing with Fair Trading, Current Affairs, QTAC, News Limited, and ...... to name a few. I advised Julie, that she needs to let your authors know she is not completely at fault, and she is willing to support them, and make efforts to do so.

More importantly, I do not accept what ...... is trying to do to her, how he is using authors to do his dirty work, or how he is treating some of the authors once loyal to him when they are no longer generating an income for him. He is, and I can prove it, not only using authors to achieve his personal vendetta against her, but also truly giving the self-publishing business a bad name.

I am happy to support Julie in any attempts to get justice, but please remember, ...... is very cunning and will use whatever he can to achieve his own [and none else] objectives.

Please accept my issue is  with ....., his unprofessional-ism and what it has cost others and me. Just so there is no misunderstanding, I am wiling to consider supporting any action against .......personally and/or professionally. ...... Printing and many of the authors, as I once was, are only guilty of stupidity; stupidity of believing ......, as I once did.

We can discuss what I know of how ....... orchestrated and is continuing to fuel everything currently happening between you and the authors. How do I know this? Simple; I was one of his closest allies, strategist, and confidant for many months.

Julie, this is a legitimate offer and I await your reply. A written or verbal testimony from me in a courtroom, or to any newspaper, or investigative style TV program, would turn the cards around in your favour very quickly. I have kept contemporaneous notes of every discussion between ....... and I.

We can also discuss how ...... poached authors in preparation much before parting company with Love of Books [I was one of those approached before he was fired] and continued to do so after. Perhaps we could also discuss how he asked each and every author [after the event] to provide him with a statement clearly saying he did not attempt to take them away formal of Books. I believe his actions are, a breach of his duties applicable to a current and/or ex employee, defamatory, unethical, vindictive, and without a doubt unprofessional.

Written by Jennifer Ryan - Advocate for Registered National Bullying Awareness Australia wide.MBA