Monday, March 26, 2018

Love of Books Julie McGregor with Julia Gillard

Love of Books and Julia Gillard

RICHARD DOVE: “Us Karen” was written by Richard Dove and illustrated by the talented Karen, artist, Tha Do, to tell the amazing story of the Karen people’s journey, as refugees, from Burma to Australia. 

The beautiful hardcover case bound book was published as a Wyndham Community and Education Centre project and was funded by the Wyndham City Council. Love of Books Julie McGregor played a big part in the donation of time in order to assist this community with all steps in the publishing process. 

“Us Karen” was launched at Wyndham City Council before an audience of over 300 people. 

The Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard, kindly supported this book launch by recording this speech from her office, in Canberra. 

The book had already sold over 1,000 copies. 

Love of Books Julie McGregor donated hours of her precious time at no cost with the setting up of the book content and book cover files ready for print, in the aid of charity to enable this beautiful book come to life.

Love of Books has assisted authors all over Australia with the care factor. 

Many charity organisations have benefited for the care and support from Love of Books

Visit the Us Karen Julie Gillard video here: