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What happened to Julie McGregor - Love of Books

What happened to Julie McGregor - Love of Books

Julie McGregor- One of the best book publishers in Australia worked from her home study originally to then step into a commercial office. Julie McGregor published over 1600 authors Australia-wide.

After 8 years in the business that ran successfully for this period, Julie McGregor Directer/owner of Love of Books engaged a consultant who begged her for a job. 

After only almost 2 years the then sales assistant cleverly designed a plan to rob her of her clients and client list as well as other materials from the business.

A greedy company worked underhanded  with plans to employ the fired contract worker at least one month prior to his sacking. This company then had access to all Julie McGregor's Director/owner's business clients, leads and databases.

These people, 3 grown men showed no remorse or compassion and all three men bullied and harassed Julie McGregor, on and off line and through her clients in place. Underhanded deceitful manipulation of her clients in progress took place, in order for her not to have enough funds to pay for an extensive 300,000 litigation suite. 

At the time of the business take over Julie McGregor's family was on its death bed. Julies husband John McGregor recieved news that he was stricken with an un- diagnosed permanent risk illness and was told that he would not live much longer. 

Julie struggled to renew her business standing over the following 2 years, but unfortunately after the death of her supporting husband, who worked in the business also, the death of her beloved mother happened only shortly before the death of her beloved husband John McGregor, the bullying and underhanded corruption became too much for her.

Julie McGregor eventually gave all the business items and website to Ian Lewis who runs the perfectly sound step by step setup system Julie McGregor herself designed from his own ABN number. 

To this very day- Dean Alan Munro continues to bully and harass Julie McGregor.  Several clients Julie McGregor was working with and had contracts in place with were interfered with by him.  

Love Love Love... Love of life, Love of God and of course LOVE OF BOOKS. 

Love of Books  - Julie McGregor

Julie McGregor  - Love of Books